Excurisions Camps

  • One Day and Night in the Desert

    Spending a day and night in the desert is what story books are full of. They tantalize and call you for an experience. You decide to take the adventure and book your trip. The group has assembled at Raisar village at 8 in the morning. This time the journey is through Bamblu village. A stop at the local village school and a view of some more colorful dwellings are part of the day's agenda.
    You will be struck by how the local people make up in color both in their dress and their homes, what nature has not provided by way of vegetation. The group snakes its way to Raisar village for lunch and rest. The rest of the day and night are spent in the camp there. With the stars overhead, the music of the folk musicians and the bon fire, what more can be asked for a delightful evening.

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