Covid-19 Update

The defined guidelines of the World Health Organization and the recommendations of Government of India are being followed and high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are being maintained to mitigate any risk associated with the coronavirus.


We at Heritage Resort Bikaner are very thankful to you as our revered guests to put your trust in us as a hospitaity entitty.

As you are aware that we are the first Green Resort in Bikaner which is located totally secluded from the hussle & bustle of any village or the City, therefore the natural safeguard of safe distance is a plus for us. This advantage of being away from the city gives us an edge to keep our resort better sanitised.

The second advantage for Heritage Resort Bikaner is its size and open spaces. We are spread out in 7.5 acres of land with no other dewlling around us and therefore we are open to total sunshine and free flow of wind around us. The nature all around us such as the huge Lawns on the east side and the small lawns in front of the cottages with forest trees all along the peripheri and ornamental plants spreads freshness all around.

All Delux & Premium 50 rooms are housed in 18 single storied cottages & 14 Standard rooms are in double storied building. The guest rooms are totally separate from the common areas and therefore safe.The reception, lounge,restaurants and kitchen are located in a larger single storied building which is secluded.
Open spaces, fresh air, no elevators, secluded entrances and spread out cottages are our strong points to secure us from COVID 19 scare.

As already mentioned we are following all saftey norms as prescribed.

Kindly read further the processes being followed at the Resort.

Front Office | Lounge | Restaurant | Kitchen

For the safety of our guests, rooms are sanitised thorughly prior to beallocated to our revered guests.

All rooms once occupied and after guests check out are fumigated with approved sanitisers and closed for 24 hours. While preparing the rooms again they are ventilated for several hours and all touch points in the rooms and bathrooms are wiped with sanitisers.

We at Heritage Resort Bikaner take pride in informing our guests that all Pillows and Mattresses are doublly protected with a non a absorbvent cover which has been specially designed to protect them. These covers are removed washed and sanitesd each time after the checkout.

Arrival Saftey Procedures

Temperature readings of non-resident guests are taken at the entrance of the hotel. Guests are requested to inform if they have any symptoms which may confirm to be of being COVID 19 infection in a honest self-declaration before check-in. If any guest is suspected to confirm these symptoms he/she is required to undergo a medical examination prior to check-in.

Touch free Hand Sanitiser is palced at the entrance. Sanatised cold / hot towels / vitamin C rich welcome drinks are offered at the entrance to welcome the guests.

General Saftey Measures

All supplies and materials are sanitised before being admitted into the hotel premises.

If any of the parameters for our guests or colleagues are not normal, a medical examination and medical assistance are provided immediately.

Correctly formulated hand sanitisers are in place in all guest rooms and at all public spaces.

Doctors are on standby if there is anyone detected with a positive sign of COVID-19.

Our cars are disinfected after each use, as is luggage, before entering the hotel.

Detailed Standard Operating Procedures are in place.

We request all guest to register on Aarogya Setu App before arrival.